EPS offers a unique combination of the best features from among existing energy storage techniques:

  • The cost range of EPS is in the magnitude of Pumped Hydro and CAES

  • Customers can have confidence in EPS’s reliability – it’s comprised of widely available, “off the shelf” products and devices.

  • Our technology provides the functionality of Pumped Hydro and CAES without their site, size and environmental limitations.

  • EPS has unequaled charging flexibility: electrical (wind, PV, or off-peak grid power); and/or thermal (waste heat utilization from a simple-cycle gas turbine or other industrial processes).

  • EPS has a small environmental footprint – compact, scalable, requires no water or fuel, and produces no emissions.

  • EPS has site flexibility – it can be sited at a load center, transmission congestion point, near a concentration of wind and PV generation, or retro-fitted to an existing simple-cycle gas plant or other waste heat source.

  • EPS can quickly ramp up or down to absorb or generate power on demand - e.g. a 100MW plant has a ramp rate of about 40% per minute.