From Information to Energy

At MADA we have developed a new and evolving concept of energy storage, which we call Energy ProcessingTM. This concept supports flexibility and compatibility of different energy sources that face the challenge of functioning efficiently on a shared grid. 

Our vision for Energy Systems is not a foreign one – we have already seen a similar concept revolutionize Information Systems. What began as the integration of memory storage into calculators and typewriters, evolved into the tiny processing devices we know as our cellphone or laptop, which can contain the massive size and functionality of a search engine service center. This design has granted almost seamless inter-compatibility and communication between remarkably different functionalities.

MADA has realized that Energy Systems today have the same needs and potential as Information Systems had to integrate a full cache of storage into a single system.

MADA has developed an array of patented methodologies to fulfill our vision of a maximally inter-functional and communicative system.