arnoldArnold J Goldman
Founder, Chairman, and CEO

Mr. Arnold Goldman is former Founder and Chairman of BrightSource Energy, one of the world’s largest developers of solar thermal power. He is also the former Founder and Chairman of Luz International, builder of nine SEGS plants totaling 354MW (90% of the world’s solar power at the time) in the 1980s - the first commercially successful solar power plants, which are all are still in operation.  At Luz Arnold built the company up to a staff of 3,000 employees worldwide. Previously, Arnold founded Electric Fuel Ltd., a developer and supplier of fuel cells for electric vehicles and other applications. Electric Fuel Ltd. went on to become a public company listed on the NASDAQ exchange under the name ARTX.  He was also the Co-Founder of Lexitron, the developer of the first word processor. Lexitron was initially traded on NASDAQ then acquired by Raytheon.

Arnold is the recipient of many national and international awards including Energy Technology Pioneer of the Year - 2009, World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland, and holder of numerous patents and frequent guest lecturer at universities, seminars, and conferences.  He holds BS and MSEE degrees in, Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California.



Danny Gimpel , Co-founder and VP of Finance 

Daniel has lived and worked in Moscow over the past decade, serving as the Managing General Partner and Co-Founder of the $70 million Tamir-Fishman Russian Venture Capital Fund.  Since 2007, Daniel has headed up all operations for the Tamir-Fishman in Russia, leading the investment committee as a managing partner and placing over $100 million dollars in capital raised for the fund and investment transactions for the portfolio companies.  Daniel also currently serves on the international Advisory Board to the Skolkovo Foundation of the Russian Federation, and on the board of directors of Tamir-Fishman Venture Capital II, which is publicly listed on the Tel Aviv stock exchange. 

Prior to Russia, Daniel was the head of international sales for the hi-tech software company, E4X Inc. – now called Border Free (, which provides foreign exchange hedging and ecommerce services to international merchants.  During his three year tenure at E4X, Daniel was the leader for all sales and revenue to the company, and lead strategic business partnerships with financial institutions Nat West and Payment Tech. 

Daniel previously served at the founding of venture capital fund Delta Ventures, a $60 million early stage venture capital fund in Hertzlia Israel, as an integral part of the initial four man team with responsibilities in structuring deals, terms sheets, and deal flow.

Daniel holds an M.B.A. in finance from Johns Hopkins University, and completed his B.A. in Philosophy/Ethics (Magna Cum Laude) after attending New York University, Emory University, and N.I. College.


Leon Afremov , Engineering VP

Leon Afremov has, for the past 30 years, held senior engineering and management positions at companies in the heat and energy industries including Luz (solar power plants), Ormat (geothermal power plants), engineering and start-up companies. In 2000, he founded Lademco Ltd., a consulting and project development company, serving major Israeli companies and enterprises in the power field, banks and other project financing institutions.  Lademco also provides consultancy and engineering services to international clients/projects in the US, Western Africa, Northern Africa, CIS countries, etc. Mr. Afremov is a well-recognized expert in power generation in Israel and abroad. He holds a B.Sc in Energy/Mechanical Engineering from the Technion in Haifa, Israel (1979).



Professor Stanislav Sinatov, D. Sc. (in Power Engineering) , Chief Scientist

Professor Sinatov has conducted more than 30 years of research of the advanced power, cogeneration and trigeneration technologies based on use of gas and diesel engines, gas and steam turbines, renewable  and alternative energy sources (mainly, in the fields of residual biomass conversion into power, heat, second generation bioethanol and fertilizers, as well as of hybrid fuel cell/reciprocating engine systems), multi-pollutions control at the coal-fired steam and HFO-fired diesel power plants for removing the harmful emissions from their exhaust.  He has 15 years of engineering activities in the field of power, heat and cold generation and supply: energy survey, feasibility study, conceptual and basic design, development of the technical specifications and preparation of the tender documentation, bid evaluation, supervision of construction and commissioning, elaboration of the proposals on modernization of the existing power and cogeneration (industrial and municipal) facilities; expert services rendered to utilities, independent power producers, ESCO companies, governmental, public and international (European Commissions) organizations.  Stanislav has submitted and defended the theses for Ph.D. and Doctor of Sciences degrees, 12 externally-funded and seven self-financed research projects. He has been invited to participate in seven international and seven Russian technical conferences, published 23 papers in journals and conference proceedings, and submitted 45 Russian author’s certificates (patents), 1 Israeli patent and 3 US patent applications.