MADA Energie is paving the path to a more efficient and functional electrical grid, by developing, owning, and operating the quality and performance of existing energy generation and transmission systems.

To do so, Arnold Goldman, former founder and chairman of Brightsource Energy and Luz International, has gathered a seasoned management with decades of scientific, marketing and management experience in the electric and thermal energy industries. 

MADA Energy ProcessingTM System (EPS) is a compact, scalable and emissions free technology that enables energy from virtually any source to be dispatched both into and out of storage within seconds of request, in the most cost-effective manner.

MADA Energie is pleased to devote its efforts to the energy storage market, which has recently experienced high growth and visibility, and is projected to continue growing and expanding in the upcoming years and decades. MADA has entered the storage market in its first innings and is determined to become a leading player in the market as it unfolds.